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Peterson Gold Blend (50g Tin) Peterson Gold Blend (50g Tin)

A ready rubbed pipe tobacco. Harmonious mix of Jet Black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley. Enhanced with tones of Hickory Nut and Vanilla, kissed with a touch of Cinnamon. Creating a truly unique smoking experience.

Peterson Old Dublin (50g Tin) Peterson Old Dublin (50g Tin)

A strong hitting tobacco that releases aromatic Black Cavendish and sweet Greek grades. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson De Luxe Mixture (50g Tin) Peterson De Luxe Mixture (50g Tin)

Mild flavouring of vanilla, walnut and honey, the De Luxe Mixture is truly a gem from Peterson. A sweet and sour tasting blend that is complimentary. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Irish Whiskey/Mixture (50g Tin) Peterson Irish Whiskey/Mixture (50g Tin)

An easy to smoke blend of oranges and Viriginia tobacco, complemented with Thailand Burley and Fired Kentucky leaf lightly flavoured with whiskey. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Hyde Park (50g Tin) Peterson Hyde Park (50g Tin)

A traditional blend of sun cured bright and dark Virginias. Pressed gently with rum and maple sugars. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Irish Flake (50g Tin) Peterson Irish Flake (50g Tin)

A relatively new introduction from Peterson. Irish Flake does not disappoint as a newcomer, with a full bodied Flak tobacco, this intensely flavoured tobacco is aimed for the most experienced of smokers. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes (50g Tin) Peterson Sherlock Holmes (50g Tin)

An old Irish recipe, dating to the 1880s, Sherlock Holmes' blend is a signature tobacco blend from Peterson. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Nutty Cut (50g Tin) Peterson Nutty Cut (50g Tin)

A perfect encapsulation of Macadamia nuts, coconut and rum. A true joy to smoke, especially in the Fall. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Luxury Blend (50g Tin) Peterson Luxury Blend (50g Tin)

A delicious tobacco that appeals to vanilla lovers. Dominant flavours of citrus, spice, honey and vanilla can be tasted throughout the smoke. Skillfully combined to create a truly amazing smoking experience. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson University Flake (50g Tin) Peterson University Flake (50g Tin)

A wide cut flake tobacco. Based mainly on Virginia grades, the University flake is enjoyable at any time of the day. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Irish Oak (50g Tin) Peterson Irish Oak (50g Tin)

Once a rich, dark and heavy bodied Cavendish, the Irish Oak blend is exceptionally smooth and adopts a citrus taste with Zimbabwean orange and aromatic Thailand Burley. Smoothed out using Black Perique tobacco. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Sunset Breeze (50g Tin) Peterson Sunset Breeze (50g Tin)

Sweet tasting and aromatic blend of tobacco. Each leave play a big role to create such an unforgettable smoking experience in this blend. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson Connoisseurs Choice (50g Tin) Peterson Connoisseurs Choice (50g Tin)

The most premium option from Petersons. Open this tin to unleash an experience that you won't forget, taste the rum, citrus and vanilla all at once. Ready rubbed tobacco.

Peterson: Sherlock Holmes 50g Peterson: Sherlock Holmes 50g

Peterson Sherlock Holmes 50g tin pipe tobacco is a mixture made from an old Irish recipe dating back to 1880 and is one of the finest tobaccos smoked in the time of Sherlock Holmes. The straight Virginia blend possesses all the natural flavour and aroma associated with Premier Virginia tobaccos.


Peterson Gold Blend 50g tin is a considered mix of Jet Black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley. In addition, there is an extremely pleasant note of Hickory Nut and Vanilla, while a touch of Cinnamon is added to ensure that Gold Blend is a unique smoking experience.

Peterson: Irish Flake 50g Peterson: Irish Flake 50g

The Peterson Irish Flake is a full bodied blend of equal proportions of air cured, flue cured and dark fired tobacco leaves. It is a true to the pure unspoilt tobacco flavour, which we would only recommend for experienced smokers who enjoy a strong tobacco..

Peterson Irish Whiskey 50g Peterson Irish Whiskey 50g

A mild blend of Orange & Mahogany Virginia tobaccos with aromatic Thailand Burley & Fired Kentucky leaf, this Peterson blend is lightly flavored with Irish Whiskey.


22 Item(s)