Eagle Claw Meerschaum Pipe


Eagle Claw Meerschaum Pipe


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A beautiful Eagles Claw Meerschaum Pipe complete with a velvet lined, hard shell case and brass fastener.



Meerschaum pipes are among the most sought after pipes, worldwide. Consisting of the finest made pipe bowls there is made from 100% Turkish Meerschaum and natural minerals. The smoking qualities of Meerschaum pipes are premium perfection personified, with no risk of the pipe drying out or needing to be dried between smoking - due to the Meerschaum the pipe bowl is made from. 


The Eagles Claw Meerschaum pipe is fine in beauty and quality, the pipe bowl features a hand carved eagles head and an unscrew-able chestnut wood toned stem. 


Pipe Length - 130mm


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