Dragon Bowl Meerschaum Pipe

Dragon Bowl Meerschaum Pipe


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A fine handcrafted Meerschaum pipe with Dragon design carved pipe bowl, complete with zip-able pipe pouch.



The Dragon Bowl Meerschaum Pipe is a premium, original Meerschaum pipe featuring outstanding smoking qualities due to the Turkish Meerschaum and natural minerals the pipe bowl is made from. 


The main benefit to Meerschaum pipes is that the bowl never dries out nor does it require drying in between smoking due to the unique absorbing qualities of Meerschaum. The pipe bowl is hand carved with an exquisite dragon design, perfectly complimented with a satin, smooth pipe stem in a mahogany marbled effect. The Dragon Bowl pipe comes complete with a handy, zip-able pipe pouch with internal strap. 


Average 15cm in length

Bowl size 4cm deep

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