Pipe Filters


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Falcon - Dry Pipe Rings Falcon - Dry Pipe Rings

Falcon Pipe rings are the perfect complement to Falcon pipes, making it easier to clean your pipe.

DeniCool Pipe Filter Crystals DeniCool Pipe Filter Crystals

A great way to control the humidity and absorb moisture when you smoke, these DeniCool Crystals are novel and unique.

Falcon Pipe Filters Falcon Pipe Filters

These Falcon pipe filters are designed for Falcons and feature a 6 mm bore and serve a dual action to ensure a healthier, more enjoyable smoke.

Adsorba Pipe Filters Adsorba Pipe Filters

Pack of 40 activated charcoal filters for most pipes, A great way to enjoy a cleaner smoke.

Peterson Charcoal Pipe Filters Peterson Charcoal Pipe Filters

Sold in a pack of 40, these Peterson Charcoal Pipe Filters are a way to help 'clean' your smoke a bit, leading to a healthier smoking experience.

Pipe Filters (Petersons 9mm) Pipe Filters (Petersons 9mm)

Quality Petersons Charcoal Filters 40 Filters per box ( 2 boxes) 9mm Pipe filters (fits most others pipes also)


10 Item(s)