There's nothing quite like a well-made pipe!


As with all good things, a well made, premium smoking pipe is an investment that requires the correct care, accessories and cleaning! Smokers Lounge - your one-stop premium pipe and tobacco shop stocks and supplies a wide range of pipe bowls, pipe filters, pipe cleaning solution, pipe rings and of course the all-essentail and premium pipe pouches



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Falcon - Dry Pipe Rings Falcon - Dry Pipe Rings

Falcon Pipe rings are the perfect complement to Falcon pipes, making it easier to clean your pipe.

DeniCool Pipe Filter Crystals DeniCool Pipe Filter Crystals

A great way to control the humidity and absorb moisture when you smoke, these DeniCool Crystals are novel and unique.

Falcon Pipe Filters Falcon Pipe Filters

These Falcon pipe filters are designed for Falcons and feature a 6 mm bore and serve a dual action to ensure a healthier, more enjoyable smoke.

Smokers Companion Pipe Tool Smokers Companion Pipe Tool

The spoon: Many uses including light reaming of the bowl. Built in tamper: Saves that precious index finger Handy Spike: For clearing those frustrating pipe blockages

DeniClean Pipe Cleaner DeniClean Pipe Cleaner

A cleaning fluid that helps to sanitise and clean up your pipes safely and without damage.

Adsorba Pipe Filters Adsorba Pipe Filters

Pack of 40 activated charcoal filters for most pipes, A great way to enjoy a cleaner smoke.

Peterson Charcoal Pipe Filters Peterson Charcoal Pipe Filters

Sold in a pack of 40, these Peterson Charcoal Pipe Filters are a way to help 'clean' your smoke a bit, leading to a healthier smoking experience.

Rodgers Sheffield Steel Pipe Knife Tamper & Spike Rodgers Sheffield Steel Pipe Knife Tamper & Spike

A fine pocket knife made from the finest Sheffield steel by one of the most renowned knife makers in the world. The Rodgers Pipe Knives are our biggest selling pipe tool due to a great reputation built up over many decades.

Peterson Pipe Pouch Peterson Pipe Pouch

A classic Peterson pipe pouch made from fine Avaco soft leather, lined with a magnetic button fastening. (POU 143)

Leather Pipe Pouch Leather Pipe Pouch

Premium leather pipe pouch with magnetic button fastening with separate pipe compartment.

Teak Triple Pipe Stand Teak Triple Pipe Stand

A triple pipe stand made from British Teak wood, resting on a solid wood base.


30 Item(s)